Concrete pavers have been available for quite a while, and before we had them, we had stone and bricks. But pavers have been changing over the years. Innovation in paver production has created plenty of shapes and textures which take pavers from the domain of DIY driveways to the creative world of landscape design. Instead of the same four or five grey geometric shapes available since the ’80s. Now you can have pavers in various colours and shapes to match your project. They even follow more expensive materials. And you can make your pavers with a kit if you have the time and a little concrete experience.




Around the pool




Putting in a pool can be a very costly project. By the time you pay for all the pool infrastructure and the labour to make your basic pool you have likely spent way more money than you expected. But you can’t stop there. The last step is the landscaping. A lot of money can be spent here too, but at least in this phase, the engineering is all done. Concrete pavers can be a lifesaver at this point. Instead of getting a mason to create a flagstone perimeter or the paving company to pour you some dull concrete. You can surround your pool with a clever and beautiful design by being creative with geometry or faux rock patterned pavers.




Secret Spot




If you have a large area to landscape, you might think of making a place for yourself out of the way behind some bushes or a rock feature. This could be a place to read or catch some rays; away from distractions. Naturally spacing round rock pavers and allowing moss to fill the voids between the pavers will help create a natural level and give the feel of an untamed retreat.




Combine pavers with rock



With the different geometric shapes available, A person with a good sense of design can take several rectangles of various sizes and create some beautiful abstract patterns. This approach is very improved with the addition of uniform and attractive gravel or even pebblecrete to fill in the voids. If you like you can make a change on a Zen garden with paver pathways or invent your own design by adding a water feature or a rock garden. This will be more interesting than a lawn and it never needs mowing.




There is a number of other projects that could make use of the creative potential of concrete pavers. They provide many choices for durable and attractive materials, which are also flexible in their application as well as being inexpensive.



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