Are the hefty rents in Mumbai burning a hole in your wallet by paying heavy house rent, there might be a way to escape the present circumstance. With a ton to offer, taking Livve apartments for lease in Mumbai could be an extraordinary financially savvy alternative for you.

Being a fresher framework than that of Mumbai proper, Navi Mumbai is positively encouraging as an arising region, growing quickly as time passes. Furthermore, very soon, it will have its international air terminal and metro rail route framework too. Navi Mumbai is likewise home to a few instructive foundations while a few global companies have additionally set up base here.

Before you take an apartment for rent in Mumbai, it is essential to consider certain variables like your budget, the encompassing region, and your locality. Here are a few things to remember before you select to live in Navi Mumbai.

Where to look?

Navi Mumbai is a gigantic region with a lot of areas that you ought to investigate. On the off chance that you need to be at the core of Navi Mumbai, make a point to glance in the lovNavi Mumbai due to its area and the numerous alternatives it offers. New Panvel is a sure thing for you to discover present-day and moderately less expensive living spaces since it has the most up to date improvements.

For a more picturesque area, you may go to Kharghar, which is encircled by the exquisite Kharghar Hills and is private. Another essential area, Ulwe, is situated at the edge of Panvel city and is growing quickly to such an extent that it is relied upon to be outstanding amongst other arranged spots to live in soon. The fast development of these spaces will guarantee that network from your 1bhk on lease in Navi Mumbai isn’t an issue by any stretch of the imagination.


There are a lot of spots to investigate around Navi Mumbai. The Balaji Temple in Nerul which looks like a well-known sanctuary in Kerala, additionally devoted to a similar divinity, is famous among the South Indian people group in Navi Mumbai.

If you’ve taken fully furnished flats in Mumbai, there is likewise a lot to find in the close by Raigad area. The Karnala Fort, a slope stronghold that once sat on a significant shipping lane around there, is currently secured and exists in the Karnala Bird Sanctuary which is home to a few types of birds and an unquestionable requirement visit for birdwatchers.

For a road trip, head to the close-by slope station, Matheran, which is genuinely a traveller’s heaven, for some harmony and serenity. In case you’re an eager traveller, the Karnala Bird Sanctuary additionally has some great courses to investigate.

Why Navi Mumbai?

At the point when you are deciding to live in Navi Mumbai, you are settling on a more sensible lease as well as picking a cleaner climate. Navi Mumbai is greener than Mumbai, with better perspectives and a more quiet climate all in all.

While not too arranged as Mumbai appropriate, large plans are coming up for Navi Mumbai and it would be justified to put resources into apartments for rent in Mumbai here. There is a great deal of room in Navi Mumbai for advancement, on account of its fast turn of events. This is as opposed to Mumbai, which has gotten packed.

If you lean toward your environmental factors to be pretty much as normal as could be expected, it is ideal to take a 1BHK apartment for lease in Navi Mumbai. With a couple of ventures situated here, there are fewer toxins noticeable all around and the lavish, green spaces add to a sensation of peace. Navi Mumbai doesn’t have however many structures as Mumbai by the same token. This implies that when you settle on a coliving space in Navi Mumbai, you are bound to get a perspective on an open skyline complete with plant life too.

To add to the allure of the space, Navi Mumbai is accepted to be cleaner than Mumbai with streets and asphalts being kept significantly clean at normal spans.

It is hard to track down a spot in Mumbai without paying a heavy lease. Conversely, Navi Mumbai does not just offer itself up as an incredible spot to live, however, it additionally comes at the correct cost. Presently on the off chance that you are thinking where to begin searching for 1bhk flats on lease in Navi Mumbai, With one visit, you will have a rundown of confirmed properties readily available. What’s more, that simply makes your home hunting more straightforward.