A quick glance at 2016 NLL attendance figures also provides evidence that the ownership structure combined with creative marketing is working. Buffalo drew a leagueleading 15,833 fans per game. Colorado checked in at 13,832. The fans do. The national addiction to professional sports has become so ingrained that the most preposterous things are now accepted as a matter of course. I’ve watched some New York Yankees games on television this baseball season, and there frequently appeared to be empty seats in the prime positions behind home plate and Cheap Jerseys free shipping the dugouts.

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Leaving aside the fact that this information comes from a very small sampling of the population, that is a big gap in gender equality right from the start. Men get the nerve wracking task of making the first high risk move in a relationship, and they seem to prefer it. Women statistically prefer the more passive role, which takes away a great deal of control and power in the relationship.

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