To what extent of time does a magic mushroom trip last? Also , how lengthy is a string piece? A variety of factors is responsible for affecting the length and intensity of a mushroom trip.


The amount of psilocybin varies from type to type, with some being moderate, others very powerful, and the remaining somewhere in the meantime.


Since the strength varies from type to type and the amount required depends on the bodyweight of the user, various dosages are required to produce the similar effect. 5 grams of a psilocybin can produce the same effect as 1 gram of another. Therefore, it is very significant to know exactly the strength or psilocybin content of the mushrooms you are trying to ingest. Commercially-produced magic mushroom grow kits purchased from a reputable mushroom dealer should come with a description of the recommended dosages. Alternatively, mushrooms grown in the wild are like a lucky bag and it is highly recommended that you start slowly and gradually increase the dose.

Mushrooms must be digested first before the effects can be felt. They are ingested through the stomach and intestines. The body then converts the psilocybin (metabolized in the liver) into psilocybin. Then the fun can begin.

The first effects of the mushrooms can be experienced within 20-40 minutes after consumption. The effect announces itself with mild waves of euphoria, wandering movements and slight changes in the senses and perception. Certain factors, such as a previous meal, can delay the start of your mushroom journey; but it will still work within 2 hours.

The world of psychedelics is a fascinating, fun, playful place where you can learn a lot about yourself. Explore this place safely and make sure you know what you are consuming.

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