When you make a house, every corner of it is your favourite place because that’s like a dream come true. You take no risks and settle for nothing less than the best. Well, in today’s market, when you wish to get the best for your home, interior designers charge a bomb. It’s nearly impossible for an average human to hire an interior designer and get the interiors styled. So what can be done then? Well, with full respect to the professional designers, you always have an option called Pinterest or google who is a university of ideas about everything. With the proper research and descriptive hunting, you can get some of the most beautiful designs for your home. But there’s something that Google and Pinterest searches have to tell statistically. When people design their interiors all by themselves, there’s a list of priorities that they make where the first research of interiors is done for the living room, then the bedroom, the kids room, then the study and the dining room. The least in the priority list is the kitchen.  Whenever you visit a house, you will see that people just get the kitchen made and do not get it designed, and that’s where the difference between hiring an interior designer and self-designing is visible. So, if you have a plan to create your house yourself, then make sure you take a special note while designing the kitchen and when you do so, make sure that you include wallpapers in your kitchen’s design as that will give you a professional touch to your kitchen. Here are some things which you need to keep in mind while selecting wallpaper for the kitchen:

  • Think about the kitchen environment: when you see the term environment mentioned with kitchen, do not think that it means that the kitchen is made outside the house. It just means that the wallpaper you select should be according to the type of food and how you cook in the kitchen. As Indians generally, every house has a gas stove or an induction, and cooked foods have a high amount of oil as spices that get mixed with the dirt and sticks to the kitchen wall over time. So when you select a wallpaper for the kitchen, see the available material varieties and choose accordingly. There are different types of materials that the wallpaper can be made of like one wash which means that you will be able to wash the dirt with water, two wavers mean you will be able to clean it with cloth and sponge, and if you feel that you are very messy in the kitchen take the three-wave wallpaper which means that you can regularly wash and sponge the wallpaper. It will not harm the design as the wallpaper is of very high quality. 
  • Remember the theme: when you design the whole house, then you need to have a piece in mind while selecting the wallpapers. If you have planned to use vinyl wallpapers, then you should only use that material in all the places if possible because that will keep the uniformity of the house and not let any look out of place. What people make mistakes in is the choice of materials and sticking to the theme. They think that if they make every corner of the house look different, then that will look good. But interior designers disagree with that; interior designers say that you can play with colours, you can play with the patterns of the wallpapers like use and abstract wallpaper for the master bedroom and a Disney wallpaper for the kids rooms, but make sure the material that you choose for both the wallpapers are the same as that is something that will give a middle ground to the whole house and make it look similar even indifference. The same has to be done with the kitchen. Vinyl wallpapers are washable so that you can use that in the kitchen as well, don’t try to make the kitchen look very different from the house just to select a washable wallpaper. 

These are some of the points that you need to mark when you start choosing wallpapers for your house. Not to forget that a person spends more than half of the day in the kitchen cooking meals in the afternoon, and night, making snacks and breakfast. So, it’s evident that a good kitchen will always ke4ep the mood uplifted and make you feel better when you cook. So keeping that in mind, make the designing of the kitchen a very prime part of the interior designing plan. That’s the trick that interior designers play that makes you feel that they have more ideas. It’s just that they know the right way to execute it.