What is Norwex?

Norwex is a company that follows the MLM model of business strategy. It aims to reduce the number of chemicals present in the homes which is an essential move. The norwex products are natural, environment friendly, and free from harmful chemicals.

The company was found by Bjørn Nicolaisen in 1994 and is based in Norway. Their mission specifies “Improving the quality of life by radically reducing chemicals in our homes.” In recent years, they have expanded their business to other countries such as the US, Germany, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Estonia, Latvia, Sweden, Lithuania, and England.

It provides a convenient and affordable means of starting your business and earning money.

Norwex Products and Prices

Norwex offers multiple products which are eco friendly and free from chemicals which can be listed below:

  • Norwex Kitchen Cloth: It is made of microfibers and extra absorbents. Their size ranges from 14 inches by 11 inches. It is soft which can be easily washed. It also has antibacterial properties. It is priced at around $16.
  • Norwex window cloth: It comes with 2 types of colors with pink and purple. This cloth works on with all types of glass and does not scratch the glass surfaces. It comes in at 17.5 inches by 16.5 inches and will cost around $32 with the discount.
  • Norwex Household Plus Package: It is a complete package that is a must for the household. It includes Envirowand, Enviro Cloth, Window Cloth, and the dusting mitt. The total package costs around $89.
  • E-Cloth Microfiber Cleaning Set: It contains 8 pieces of cloth in total for your kitchen. They just need water and can clean all the oil and grease present in the kitchen.  They help in removing 99% of the bacteria from your home. The whole set is priced at around $27.
  • Puddle jump Kitchen Dish Towel and Scrubber: It is made up of 100% polyester and contains a non-stick material that holds the soap lather. With this, you can clean and dry all your kitchen utensils and glasses. They cost you around $15 with a discount.

How to Register at Norwex?

Step 1:To get started as a Norwex Consultant, visit the Norwex Website and click Norwex Login then click the “Join” tab.

Step 2: You have two 2 options to join in, You can join in through “Already have a Consultant” or “Need a Consultant”, Either of the options is fine

Step 3: Read and Agree to the terms and conditions and hit “Next”, On the next page fill in all the required personal information and submit the details.

Step 4: Choose the starter kit of your preference and fill in your payment information and submit the application and the order

To enroll as a Consultant for Norwex, you need to purchase a one-time starter kit of $200 with $9.99 for the shipping charges. If you are able to generate $2000+ in retail sales during your first 90 days, then you will get that starter kit for free.

Norwex Business Plan

There are 7 ways to get compensations in Norwex which can be listed below:

  1. 4-Star Free Host Program: You can receive free products based on the number of people who purchased Norwex products at the party. It is also based on the total amount of money made through the sales
  2. Personal Retail Sales Discount: In this, you can earn a 35% discount on all your personal purchases and 35% commissions on all the retail sales
  3. FreshSTART Rewards Sales Plan: If you make $400 in sales during your first 15 days you will receive an additional $150 in free Norwex products
  4. FreshSTART Rewards Team Building Plan: In order to qualify for this, you will have to sell $250 worth of the Norwex Products to the retail customers during the month of your joining.
  5. Qualified Recruit Bonus: You can achieve this bonus if your recruited consultant earns $2000 in the retail sales during their first 90 days.
  6. Unilevel Commissions: These commissions are paid on the basis of the sales of the consultants in your downline through the uni-level compensation structure
  7. Monthly Car Bonus: This is applicable once you reach the rank of Vice President Sales Leader or higher. The monthly car bonus is $500.

Norwex Is it Legit or Scam?

Norwex is a Legitimate company. Despite its multiple levels of commissions, it is not a pyramid scheme. The company produces quality goods and focuses on product sales rather than just recruiting new consultants.

It has been around for more than 25 years now and generates more than 100’s of millions in global sales. You can make potential income through the sales of the products and recruiting new associates in your downline. Norwex employs over 400+ full-time employees. It also works with over 90,000+ consultants worldwide. Thus it is a legit firm that provides an easy business opportunity.


Norwex is a Legitimate company that offers you to start your home-based business and provides an excellent opportunity to make income. It provides a money-back guarantee and other rewards which are quite attractive.

The amount of money you make comes down to how many products you are selling and the number of new recruiters in your downline. Hence you need to be persistent enough to be successful in Norwex.