Index An index refers to the search engine’s database. Google and KaleemSeo other search engines can find all of the websites in the index. If a site isn’t included in the index of a search engine the users won’t be able find it. Indexes are the primary reference point. It’s the index’s source data which determines the value of keywords. Search engines analyse the data to determine how frequently various factors are present under various circumstances. Additionally, KaleemSeo search engines consider what factors are linked to each other. The index is comprised of URLs and KaleemSeo every other piece of information. This comprises images, KaleemSeo text and KaleemSeo videos. To provide a new assessment on the index data, Google uses the information from this analysis to determine what content is most relevant to their users’ interests. The assessment of content determines how Google ranks its search results. Google generally has an index for KaleemSeo every country. This means, for KaleemSeo example, KaleemSeo there is a Google Index for KaleemSeo US (, KaleemSeo the Google Index for KaleemSeo Japan ( and KaleemSeo so on. The indexes for KaleemSeo national markets allow Google to customize search results for each market, KaleemSeo which includes the languages of the market. This provides the creation of a more accurate resource that is closer to what users are looking for. Another alternative is to base results on a global index. This would comprise data from all countries. However, this will not allow users to tailor KaleemSeo their search for each country. While many global companies have websites that rank highly in multiple countries indexes as we can see in our SEO World Rankings report, it’s important to understand KaleemSeo the particular ranking factors that are applicable to each country. Each national index contains search data that is unique to each keyword. Without this data, it is impossible to make SEO-related and KaleemSeo content marketing decisions on the actual behaviour of users. Local indexes The premise behind a local search index works the same as that of a country however, KaleemSeo at a different scale. Local indexes are most important for KaleemSeo searches for KaleemSeo local services or KaleemSeo places since they allow you to return information specific to the location of the user. Search terms like “near by” or “phone taxi” are a good instance. People living in Miami expect very different answers as compared to those who live in Portland.